Everything about Anxiety and Mental Health



Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks

A majority of people might have had panic attacks at some time in their life time. The one who experiences the real agony while suffering a panic attack knows how serious it is, and how tragic it can be. Find everything about anxiety cure and related disorders like depression .


Know the Symptoms of Anxiety Attack

Symptoms of anxiety attack include intense fear, chest pain, breathing difficulty and depressive thoughts. You may wonder if this requires treatment or not. Certainly, a panic attack needs immediate attention. These mental shocks are sufficient to badly impact the physical functioning of the body.If left untreated, this may pop up later in a more severe form. With adequate efort and management, panic attacks can be eliminated from our lives permanently.

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The sad part is that doctors are more inclined to treat these anxiety episodes with medications that have known side effects. But the fact is that they are not removing the root cause of such problems. A cure for anxiety and panic can be successfully said to be accomplished only when the patient is immune to any further attacks.

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Permanent Remedy for Tension and Panic Attacks

Curing overanxiety makes the person confident and socially capable. Many of the failures in the world can be attributed to the lack of confidence which roots from anxiety. Our brain regulates the response of our body to various situations. Losing voluntary control over that naturally makes us vulnerable to the disorder.

What happens during these anxiety episodes is that there is exaggerated or out of proportional response in stressful situations. It si not possible to avoid stress in real life, the only way is to evade or become immune to stress. For this we need to tame our brain so that stress no longer affects us adversely. Use of prescription medicine alone fails to accomplish this purpose.


Here you can find about an effective method for the cure of anxiety, which attends to the root cause. Once your anxiety is cured using this method, it implies that you are resistant to anymore attacks of anxiety. Cure anxiety right now!

How Important is Mental Health?

Mental health is very important to prevent future panic attacks as it renders a person confident and enables him to acheive success in life. The way you have trained your brain so far affects your behaviour and of course, your reactions to various situations. As time passes, these processes happen automatically and you exert little effort to control any of the brain activities.

So, now it is time to tame the brain and control the chemicals that affect our physical activities by gradual and regular training.

Any task can be made easy by constant practice and there is nothing that is unachievable despite putting effort. Think that your are going to change yourself and be flexible to suggestions. As you train yourself, you can find the difference with changes in your attitude and mindset.


Improtance of Being Physically Active

Physical and mental health are equally important in the life of every person and in fact, these two are inseparably connected. Physical activities influence your thought process in an obvious way. The more physically fit you are the less vulnerable you are to any kind of mental illnesses. Your physical activity send positive signals to the brain, which regulates the secreation of chemicals accordingly, and you feel an overall elevated mood. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that exercise releases good hormones which elevates our mood and behaviour. Being more active is a must to cure anxiety attacks and depression.


Adequate Food Intake is Necessary

Anxiety and depression occurs n the absence of essential nutrients in the body. Hence an ample intake of food having all the essential ingradients, or a balanced diet that helps to shed weight is a must when dealing with depression. Numerous studies have revealed that the depressed category lacks many essental vitamins and minerals, especially the B vitamin group. Bad dietary habits often results when one attemps to reduce weight by starving. Starving deprives our body of many vital nutirents. Losing body fat is beneficial, but it should be done in a gradual and healthy way.

adequate food

Role of Relaxation and Yoga

Yoga and meditation are proven methods of relaxation when done on a regular basis. Even though it takes some time for the effects to mainefst, they attend to the root cause of mental disorders like depression and anxiety. In addition to these, both help to gain mental as well as physical health. Yoga has long been practised to control obesity, which is closely related to depression.

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Such practices assist you to be more assertive and develop imense mental power and positive energy. Self help techniques are always better than long trem medication that offers little help in preventing relapses.


Brain Exercises

People are tempted to overlook or ignore the need to rejuvenate their brain, and instead concentrate on the physical health. Exercising human brain makes it active and be prepared for any events. Brain exercises for concentration and speed reading adapts you to react quickly and efficiently in any situations. Apart from being an aid to relax the mind, such mental exercises ward off the obsessive thoughts that lead you to an anxious state.